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Beacon Education & Visa Services 2010 AD.
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Beacon Education & Visa Services

Beacon Education & Visa Services is a highly trusted brand for Study Abroad and Test Preparation services having its corporate office based in Pokhara, Nepal. We are dedicated to providing unique and expert services required by our clients being centrally based in Pokhara, Nepal. We are well known for an established esteemed reputation with High Quality Services among our clients, associates and business partners. We have no compromise to support our clients and assure the quality we deliver.
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Rudra Prasad Aryal

Executive Director’s Message

We are accredited and approved by Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal being committed to deliver accurate, reliable, professional and up to date information on Study Abroad. We are even more quality assured being internationally certified as ‘ICEF Trained Agent Counselors’ [ITAC 0627 & 0962] in Pokhara Nepal and ‘Education New Zealand Trained Agents‘ to our business partners and our valuable prospective Clients. We are an ‘Education New Zealand Recognized Agency (ENZRA)‘ in Nepal to provide the required counseling and visa processing services which is certified by the New Zealand Government body, Education New Zealand. Our team members include Ex-Visa Officers and Immigration Licensed Advisers to provide the first hand, up to date, accurate and reliable information and best guidance on study abroad in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USA, UK and more with high quality services.

Our Counselors include ‘Qualified Education Agent Counselors [QEAC M044 & Q558] certified for Study in Australia, ‘British Council Trained Agent Counselor‘ [CT 6960] certified for Study in UK, ‘US Course Graduate‘ [USCG 0437] certified for Study in the USA, ‘Canada Course Graduate‘ [CCG 0976] certified for Study in Canada and many other professional certifications and recognitions. This is not the time to meet just a counselor but who can lead towards your destination, career and goal. Beacon Education and Visa Services reserves is intellectual property in Trademark. So, we believe counselors at BEACON™ are be able to cope with your personal issues based on your individual background, your past qualification gained and your future aim.

Beacon Education & Visa Services is a Test Preparation Center and Test Booking Center in Nepal. We are renowned for IELTS, PTE, OET and other preparation classes in the town. Classes are delivered by highly experienced Trainers in Morning | Day | Evening shifts with the free WI-FI and Library Facility. Preparation classes are supported by regular Mock Tests to ensure the candidates meet their desired achievements from the progression. We look forward to welcoming you soon.
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Approved by Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal

We are one of the most recognized educational consultants as approved by Ministry ...

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Approved by Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal

We are one of the most recognized educational consultants as approved by Ministry ...

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