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Study in USA

The United States is the most popular destination for international students. It has a long history of welcoming foreign students and offers some of the best universities in the world. The US Student Visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows foreign nationals to pursue academic studies, language training programs or other types of vocational or technical training.
The challanges that comes with student visa is generally the interview process. In this post, we will tell everything that you need to know about for applying a study visa and the tips for the interview.

What is a US Student Visa?

A (F or M) Student Visa is required for foreign nationals to study in the United States. Foreign nationals will not be able to study in the US if they have entered through the visitor (B) visa or through the VWP (Visa Waiver Program). You can however undertake recreational studies on a tourist visa.

Types of Student Visas in the United States

There are 3 different types of US Student visas:
- F1 Visa
- J1 Visa
- M1 Visa

Annual Intakes

There are three intakes available in US universities.
These are:
- Fall Intake
- Spring Intake
- Summer Intake
This intake usually starts around May. However, it is available only for limited programs and in few colleges.
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Studying abroad is a costly affair, and in doing so, if a student manages to get a scholarship,

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Visa Assistance

Student visa applications can only be made when students receive confirmation of their enrolment in their

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Popular Cities to study in USA

Universities in USA are known for their high academic standards, and students planning to study in USA should be prepared to work hard. You should also remember that the top universities in USA are also among the best universities in the world. These universities are located in some of the most famous and glamorous cities in the USA. The top universities in USA not only offer excellent education, but also are homes to large and diverse groups of students from all over the world.
1. Boston- It is the largest and the capital city of the state of Massachusetts. Boston is the throbbing heart of scientific research, law, medicine, engineering, and business in the USA. The city is considered to be a global pioneer in innovation and entrepreneurship, with nearly 5,000 start-ups. It is also one of the most diverse cities of USA, with a huge immigrant population making it a preferred choice for international students. It is a beautiful and historic city and has some of the best universities in the world which include Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston University, Brandeis University, Harvard University, Tufts University and Merrimack College.
2. New York- It is the most populous city in the US, and the most diverse as well. It is literally the melting pot of the USA. It is also the largest metropolitan area in the world, and a culturally megadiverse city. The city is fascinating not only because of these aspects, but also because it is home to excellent universities like the Columbia University, New York University, Cornell University and Rochester Institute of Technology.
3. Los Angeles- It is a popular tourist destination and the largest city of the great state of California. California also has some of the greatest cities of the US like San Francisco and Sacramento. Top universities in Los Angeles and the state of California include Stanford University, California Institute of Technology (Caltech), University of Southern California, California State University Northridge, Humboldt State University and the Cal State Monterey Bay, which provide world-class technical and professional education.
4.Miami- It is the largest metro area in the state of Florida, and is famous all over the world for its stunning beaches and fantastic weather. But it is also an economically strong city, so jobs are plenty. The top universities in Miami and other cities of Florida include University of Florida, University of Miami, Florida State University, University of South Florida, Full Sail University and Florida International University.
5. Chicago- It is the capital city of the state of Illinois. This city has a rich history, and a harsh climate. The universities in Chicago include the University of Chicago, North-western University, Illinois Institute of Technology, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, DeVry University and the Roosevelt University.
6. Houston- It is the largest city in the state of Texas, whose capital city Houston also some excellent universities. Houston is a major international commercial centre and an important transport, retail, events and conference hub. Among the best universities in Houston and the state of Texas are the University of Texas, Rice University, University of Houston, West Texas A&M University and the Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.
7. Atlanta- It is a peaceful and beautiful city in the southern part of USA that has also a flourishing industry. Top universities in Atlanta include Emory University, the University of Georgia, Georgia State University, Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) and the Concord University.
8. Washington D.C- It is the capital of the US and is not only known for its highly intellectual universities, but also for its beauty. Some of the best universities in Washington D.C are Georgetown University, George Washington University and American University Washington DC.
9. Portland- It is the capital city of the state of Oregon and is a major port to the US. Some of the top universities in Portland are Oregon State University and the University of Oregon.
10. Denver- The capital city of the state of Colorado, Denver has a cold climate but it has some of the best educational institutions in the US like the University of Colorado, Colorado State University and the University of Denver.
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Documents Required for US Students Visas

You would generally need to provide the following documents along with your application for a student visa:
>> Requisite application form duly filled and signed
>> I-20 showing that you are enrolled in a US universities
>> Valid passport for at least 6 months beyond the period of stay
>> Recent passport size photographs
>> Receipt of payment of visa processing fees
>> Confirmation page of DS-160
>> Documents to show you are a bonafide student
>> Payment of application fee for SEVIS
>> Documents to show sponsorship
>> Documents to show availability of funds

How to Apply for a US Student Visa?

After determining which type of US student visa you need to apply, you can begin with your US Student Visa application.
Irrespective of which category of student visa you apply for, you will need to undergo the following steps:
Step 1: Apply to a SEVP-approved school and obtain an I-20
Step 2: Fill an Online Visa Application Form
Step 3: Attend the Interview

Processing Time for Your Student Visa

Your student visa application is generally approved or denied during your visa interview. If your student visa is approved, you will get your passport along with your US student visa within 7 to 10 working days. However, most interviewers will not inform you about the approval or rejection of your application, and you will need to wait till you receive your passport..
Note: Do not forget to carry your passport, your I-20 form and all the other documents you carried with you during your US student visa interview. You might need these documents at immigration as well.
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Cost of Applying for US Student Visas

Payment of the SEVIS fee: You need to pay the SEVIS-fee at least 3 days before submitting your US student visa application. You need to pay $ 200 if you are applying for an F1 or an M1 visa and $ 180 for a J1 visa.
>> While making the SEVIS-fee, you need to ensure that your all details need to be exactly as they appear on your I-20 or DS-2020 form.
>> This payment can be made using debit or credit card, Western Union Quick Pay, international money order or a check. Ensure you print your payment confirmation as it can be required during the later stages of your US student visa application.
>> Once you have completed and submitted your online application DS-160 form, you need to make an application fee of $ 160.
>> You can make this payment online, in person at an approved bank or by phone. Please note that this application fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
>> It is advised to print and record this payment receipt as it might be required during the interview stage of your US student visa application.
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Jobs after Studying in USA

USA has a huge economy, but lately jobs in USA have become tougher to secure. But once you have proven your credentials as a good student, you can secure a USA post study work visa and can work in the US. Jobs in USA for Nepalese are also easily found.

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>> Dedicated Case-Officer: We offer personal assistance and a single point-of-contact between the company and you, throughout the process
>> Post-Landing Services: We help you settle down in the country after you’ve received your visa. These services are specifically customized as per your requirements.
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Other Important FAQs

Study Destinations Similar to Country

After payment of your student visa application fees, you can proceed to schedule a student visa interview at the nearest US embassy or consulate to your location.
  • The wait time for your interview can vary from location to location. However, the wait time tends to be the longest during the months of January and August.
  • Ensure you schedule your student visa interview well in advance before the commencement of your course.
  • You will need to provide your passport details, the 10-digit bar code number mentioned on your DS-160 confirmation and your CGI-reference number indicated on your application fee payment receipt.
US student visa interviews are relatively simple and straightforward.

Your interviewers only wish to confirm the legitimacy of your application and your intention to return to your home country.

  • You will be required to provide them with your personal details and details about the course you wish to enrol in the United States.

However, ensure that you have all valid documentation for details provided in your application.

It is advised to carry the following documentation along with you to your US student visa interview:

  • Your passport.
  • Payment receipt for your SEVIS-fee payment and application fee payment.
  • Your DS-160 confirmation page.
  • Your I-20 form.
  • Documentation for proof of funds to cover your tuition and education fees, travel and living expenses in the United States.
  • Academic records which include copies of your transcripts, diploma and degree, TOEFL score.
  • Documentation proving you are having ties to your home country and that you will return post completion of your course. These documents can include job contract, apartment contract, return ticket, etc.

Yes. You can be accepted to study in an US university without IELTS if you have completed any academic studies for at least one year in the country. Then there are some universities in the US offering Bridge courses for students in lieu of IELTS. Check out with individual universities while applying.

Universities in the US that do not accept IELTS scores are:
  • Stanford University
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Harvard University

Getting a US student visa is time consuming. However, it is a surprisingly easy process. It may be confusing for an international student or exchange visitor visa. There are hundreds of thousands of international students who are able to successfully meet the requirements of student visas each year. 

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