Rudra Prasad Aryal

Rudra Prasad Aryal

Message from Executive Director

Thank you for visiting our official website. We are happy to share this great accomplishment since the period of establishment due to all of your uninterrupted help and support to us and our dedicated working team who work hard to meet students’ needs. So, we have designed this website in order to facilitate you getting the information from consultants about studying overseas. I hope you find these pages in our website informative and interesting as well which help you to take real sense of understanding life and study destination around the globe. Choosing a good consultant in the field of deciding career and international studies is most significant decision in the life of a student. This is the decision that may affect a student’s intact career and life. So, we can provide you with the highest quality services confidently with our noble approach to your aims and qualification gained for the interested students in the friendly environment.

To reveal the potentiality hidden inside, you need a right consultant. In this huge competitive era, you can be swindled easily with the charming information but this is the decision to build up your career and set your life goal. So, I trust  our counselors will be able to cope with the real issue of your real life of your qualification gained and your aim to study in abroad. We deal with the student visa matters for the few top countries USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and more with high and noble intention. But taking into account the queries and demand of our services for Australia and New Zealand, we are more prioritizing for these two countries. We promise to provide highest quality of service and true advice to you and build confidence on you in planning the future study programs abroad. As we step forward our team of high competence would be better perched to meet the great challenges in providing our valued students with best destination college and university abroad.

Our team is highly experience in supporting students and partners being internationally certified as ‘ICEF Trained Agent Counselors’ [ITAC 0627 & 0962] in Nepal and ‘Education New Zealand Trained Agents‘ to our business partners and our valuable prospective Clients. We are an ‘Education New Zealand Recognized Agency (ENZRA)‘ in Nepal to provide the required counseling and visa processing services which is certified by the New Zealand Government body, Education New Zealand. Our Counselors include ‘Qualified Education Agent Counselors [QEAC M044 & Q558] certified for Study in Australia, ‘British Council Trained Agent Counselor‘ [CT 6960] certified for Study in UK, ‘US Course Graduate‘ [USCG 0437] certified for Study in the USA, ‘Canada Course Graduate‘ [CCG 0976] certified for Study in Canada and many other professional certifications and recognitions. This is not the time to meet just a counselor but who can lead towards your destination, career and goal. Beacon Education and Visa Services reserves is intellectual property in Trademark. Our team include Ex-Visa Officers and Licensed Immigration Adviser to support on the visa applications. We congratulate to all of our successful students for different countries and in preparation. We are always looking forward to upgrade the quality of the services you need. See you soon. Thank you.